Supply Chain Smart Contract

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What is a Supply Chain Smart Contract

An intellectual property rights smart contract is an agreement recorded on the blockchain, stating that a specific individual or business may do certain acts without infringing the owner's intellectual property rights; at the same time its confirms ownership of the property to the author.

Key Features

  • Store partial

    identity information on the blockchain

  • Complete verification


  • Monetise

    specific personal information

  • Merge with other

    smart contracts


When you come to the store to buy seafood, you never know 100% how fresh it is. It might be written that it has just arrived from Denmark. Your options are not too impressive – you may either believe it or not.

With their help, tracking of the way products pass before they arrive at the retail spot becomes automatic and transparent.Smart contracts combined with IoT devices are about to make a revolution in logistics and supply chain.For instance, this technology can be used for tracking retail goods, responsibly sourced coal, oil, gold, etc. Owing to the blockchain.At any given moment, you know where the goods are, in which conditions they’re stored, and when they would arrive. It applies not only to food products.