Real Estate Smart Contract

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What is a Real Estate Smart Contract

A real estate smart agreement is a contract, usually written, between the owner of a property and a buyer/renter who desires to have permanent/temporary possession of the property as distinguished from a lease which is more typically for a fixed term.

Key Features

  • Store partial

    identity information on the blockchain

  • Complete verification


  • Monetise

    specific personal information

  • Merge with other

    smart contracts


Real estate deals, especially, cross-border ones are way too painful for a normal person to handle. You don’t want to get involved in months of legal negotiations, paper signings, and other bureaucratic nuances related to transfers of ownership rights.

With the help of smart contracts, this pain is easy to avoid.The centralized registry of the property would allow you to buy and sell real estate without intermediaries and to pass ownership rights within minutes.In a few clicks, you would find the apartment you want, pay for it, and get the proof you’re the new owner. You don’t even need to meet with the seller.